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Hot pavement will burn your puppies paw pads. Some dogs powerfully dislike obtaining their paws wet. Pet Booties Australia that square measure protecting of your dog's feet from hot and cold, burs and thorns, laborious and jagged terrains, hot asphalt, rain, snow, mud, ice, and every one of mother nature's attacks on tender paws and pads. If you've got a dog with an hypersensitivity reaction to grass, if you dog has sensitive paws, or simply as a fashion statement, dog shoes square measure helpful and do serve a purpose. Generally, dogs' paws become conditioned to run on acquainted surfaces when a number of weeks however at the start of a season, new piece of ground and dynamic  environmental conditions will cause stone bruising, cuts and injured pads. Dog boots are not only for mountaineering or dogs that square measure in snow, they're an excellent thanks to defend your dog’s feet and provides him additional traction! There’s even rubber boots that purport to stay your dog’s feet dry in rainy weather. 


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